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my name is Derek and I run this website to help people with their fishing and hunting trips. I am a particular fan of Snakehead fishing and with years of experience I have managed to figure out the best lures to use as well as the best times of day and year and some ideal places to target.

The information here is provided free of charge, but if you would like to avail of of my services as a fishing and hunting trip guide, just use the contact page and I can arrange for some information to be sent your way. I team up with many local experts, so no matter what your request is, I will be able to help out.

mfu0548Along with fishing tips and tricks you will also find a lot of valuable information for hunting trips. I rarely go on trips where I do not combine the two, but this does take quite a bit of different planning.

Any kind of adventure trip will require quite a bit of gear and that can be very different dependent on your trip. Obviously an overnight trip will require tents and sleeping bags as well as some essentials for cooking. I can help you with all the planning and I have a list of things I generally request people to bring along for guided tours that I do.

Fishing Trips

Some people think that the gear you need for fishing trips can be easier to manage than hunting, but I personally find the opposite to be true. Here is what you need:

  1. Don’t show up with a beginners fishing rod
  2. Invest in a semi decent rod and don’t penny pinch on the reel
  3. Get the right lure for the fish you are targeting (check out my lure section for this)
  4. Bring a nice spotting scope

This last one surprises people, but I always bring my spotting scope on fishing trips. You will find yourself doing a lot of waiting around, while you are in an extremely beautiful natural surrounding. There will be hundreds of birds and animals to observe and you will have a lot of fun watching them through a scope.

Hunting Trips

Here is what you have to do before you set out:

  1. Ensure your rifle is clean and has been recently serviced
  2. Ensure that your hunting options are properly zeroed
  3. Check you have up to date licenses
  4. Plan for the target and time of year

It is this last item that I can especially help with as I have the experience and local knowledge to make sure you get what you set out for.

What Will You Find On This Site?

We are delighted to welcome you on this website and hope that you find the information relevant and informative. Everything from fishing to hunting and outdoor adventures will be covered here.

The name of this site comes from the fact that the creator, Alan, is a big fan of snakehead fishing and has spent many years honing his skills and passing those on to friends and family, as well as by working with providers of organized hunting and fishing trips in Virginia.

file000816360629To help people better understand the skills needed and how to become better at fishing snakeheads, this site was born. So one of the questions always is: Why Snakeheads?

While the fish is native to Asia, it has appeared in many places around North America, and it is quite disruptive.

Because it is a predatory fish it can cause a lot of damage to other fish species especially in areas where predators in the water are not common. Their numbers can explode very quickly.

The good news is that they are a great food source and is quite a tasty fish at that. When I first heard of these fish making an appearance in the early 2000s I set out to find them and see for myself. At this stage there are many areas in the US where these fish can be caught and there are no designated restrictions on catching them.

At 18 inches long they are quite a large fresh water fish, so for anyone who likes fishing in rivers, lakes and ponds this should be a good reason to target them. Over the years I have trialed many different fishing styles and lures to figure out what works best, and on this site I share that info with you.

But fishing is not my only hobby. For many years, ever since I was a child I have gone on fishing and hunting trips often over several days that involve camping. I’m not much into sports or trophy hunting, and generally only hunt animals I would use as a source of food. On some occasions I have hunted bears, mainly to help out during a cull or when they got too close to my property.

I love nature and I love exploring it rather than what most people do by just watching TV shows about nature. Over the years I have built up an array of gear that works really well for different climate conditions, places and most importantly for multi day trips where weight can become an issue.

Make sure you check out our designated gear section for reviews on stuff I find essential which covers everything from fishing tackle and rods, hunting rifles, tents and survival essentials. If you like what you read, please share with your friends and drop us a note in the comments sections.

In the coming weeks you can expect more info on some deals we will be making for our readers to join on some adventure trips for the fall hunting and fishing season. These are trips with people I know and respect so we can guarantee that you will have a good time and learn a lot while you are at it.